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Firstly the most obvious thing to check is whether or not delivery is included. If it isn’t then you must add it to the cost of the logs.


It’s usually more cost effective to go for larger quantities as savings are made on the delivery costs but it’s very easy to be confused by the way all the various pack-sizes are measured. How do you compare deals when one seller is offering 20kg bags another is offering cubic meters and a third is offering “bulk bags”?


For obvious reasons many sellers are happy to confuse you but it is, in fact, quite simple to measure what you’re buying if you’re given the right information. It’s very important to check the terminology used.


“Bulk bag”, “Jumbo bag” etc.

Meaningless measures. Unless the seller gives you the weight and moisture content you have no idea how much wood you’re buying.


“Ton bag”

This is the name of the bag, not the weight

of wood. These bags were designed to carry

a ton of sand and will normally contain much

less that half of that in logs.


“Loose fill”

This term is used to describe logs that are

tipped or thrown in a random manner. A

“loose fill” cubic metre is much less than a

properly stacked cubic metre.


Hardwood v Softwood

Hardwood is denser than softwood (which means it takes up less space per kg) but the heat delivered per kg is just the same. Always compare hardwood and softwood by weight and moisture content, NOT volume.




Moisture content

It’s essential, when comparing deals, to

consider the moisture content (MC) of the

wood. If you buy 500kg of logs with an MC

of 25% you have less actual wood than

you would have if you bought 500kg with

an MC of 20%. A moisture content of 20%

or less is desired.


The simple solution.

In order to compare one deal to another you only need the weight and the moisture content. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hardwood or softwood or what volume of wood there is, it’s the weight of wood you buy that counts.


Deduct moisture content from weight.




Buy 500kg of wood at 20% MC    -   Get 400kg of actual wood


Buy 520kg of wood at 25% MC    -   Get 390kg of actual wood


In the above case you’ll get more heat from the 500kg deal than you will from the 520kg one.


All Wild Wood logs come in 10kg bags at a moisture content of less than 20%. These bags are easy to handle and easy to count allowing customers to know exactly what they’re buying.

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Comparing prices. Avoid the pitfalls.